Euro Truck Demake – Game Jam

Engine: Unity 3D

Language: C#

Responsibilities: Asset creation (Art), Objective manager, Game loop, UI, Design (everyone).



Jam Team:

  • Elliot Smith
  • Joe da Silva
  • Leszek Bagnucki
  • Sam Harden
  • Tom Turner
  • Zbigniew Kajota

As part of our commercial games development module, we were tasked with participating in a number of game jams. Our first game jam required us to de-make an existing game in just under a week. For our game, we decided to de-make Euro Truck Simulator.

Players drive from depot to depot collecting and delivering trailers trying to make a profit. Much to their dismay traffic is rampant and collisions with cars and lampposts a heavy penalty. The truck itself tends to try and tip over when making sharp turns, leading to some very tense gameplay. If that wasn’t bad enough there are also penalties for not adhering to the speed limit when driving through intersections.

The city itself is all procedurally generated as are the depot objectives. We even included our lecturer Andy King, who asks you to make a series of questionable deliveries. Everything he says is randomly generated according to a number of pre-set strings which are used to produce sentences.