Curriculum Vitae

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Mobile Number: 07432 012295

Address: BS16 5AN, 2 Stanbury Avenue, Fish Ponds, Bristol


I am a hard-working individual with strong programming skills and work experience as an app developer for a games studio. I am currently in my second year of study for Games Technology at the University of the West of England and have so far managed to achieve firsts in all my modules. I was also chosen by the Universities Game company to contribute to a few of their projects, receiving a nomination for Undergraduate Intern of the Year in the process. I enjoy both the creative and technical process of developing games and I am knowledgeable on the pipelines and tools used to create next-generation assets for games as well as agile development cycles for producing software.

Technical Skills

Programming/Mark-up Languages:

C, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, AIML (Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language).

Familiar with Java, PHP and SQL.

Game Engines:

Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, Cocos2dx (C++).

Asset Creation Tools:

3Ds Max, ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop, World Machine, Quixel Suite, Substance Painter 1&2, Substance Designer, xNormal, Audacity.

Integrated Development Environments (IDE):

Visual Studio 2012-2015, Eclipse, Android Studio.


Experience with using version control (Git), team communication tools such as Slack, Some Experience with Google Maps API, Microsoft Office including Access and advanced Excel knowledge. I also own an Oculus Rift DK 2 and a Leap Motion hand tracker so I have a good understanding of the hardware behind virtual reality.

Project Experience

All Hands On Deck (AHOD) (Android) 2016

Company:                          Play West

Role:                                    Android Developer Intern

Languages/Engine:         C#, Java, SQL, PHP, Unity Engine


During the summer of 2016 just after my first year of university, I worked as an Android developer (intern) for the company Play West. My role was to work in a small team to develop an alpha version of an application for two local coast guard stations. The app was designed to prevent volunteers attending call outs that they were out of range for as there had been casualties in the past where young volunteers would rush to attend and cause road accidents. I found this work very rewarding and I learnt a lot about app development in the progress.

The Breakfast Club (PC) 2016 (sprint)

Company:                          Play West

Role:                                   Programmer

Languages/Engine:         C#, Unity Engine


The breakfast club is a physics based multiplayer game developed by Play West where players try to complete simple tasks using various objects. At the beginning of my second year of university Play West approached me asking if I could help them with a five-day sprint on The Breakfast Club. The company had been approached by the Yogscast who asked if they could stream the game at MCM Comic Con on Twitch at very short notice. My role was to work with my colleague on one of the levels to re-implement one of the main level features as well as fix any issues we came across. This project taught me to adapt to an already established code base and to manage my time effectively.

Work Experience

Play West Internship

Play West is an independent game studio that has ties to the University of The West of England. Not only do they produce their own games, they also carry out contract work for large companies/projects such as Rolls Royce and the Blood Hound project.

My internship at Play West involved working in a small team on a project for two local lifeguard stations that aimed to help them organise their volunteers. The project involved developing an android app in the Unity engine that allowed us to track devices and sort users in a prioritised list, we also implemented an algorithm that suggested the ideal crew based on the current selection of volunteers. The app required us to develop a java plugin for unity that allowed us to pull data such as GPS and Wi-Fi strength from an android device, which was then sent to a server using PHP and SQL. We had many stretch goals for the project that added functionality, such as displaying users on a Google map and an inspector for displaying additional information. We managed to complete these goals before the end of our internship.

As well as contributing to the main functionality of the app and plugin I was also responsible for producing the artwork which was used for the alpha. I spent a lot of time iterating and implementing the designs based on the feedback of my project manager, making sure that the UI adjusted correctly for all device resolutions. After completing my internship, I was fortunate enough to receive a nomination for the universities undergraduate intern of the year award.

Recently in my second year, Play West asked me if I could help them with a five-day sprint to get their game The Breakfast Club ready to be streamed by the Yogscast at Comic Con. Unfortunately, a few days into the sprint the Yogscast contacted the company stating that they were no longer able to attend the convention, meaning they could no longer stream the game. So instead my colleague and I were tasked with getting the game ready for its release on the Steam marketplace (as the game had already been greenlit).

Optical Assistant

I have worked in an optical shop as an assistant whose roles consisted of helping customers, cutting lenses and testing lenses focal lengths. The experience provided me with the skills to deal with customers in a professional manner as well as teaching me to take a methodical approach to tasks I am given.



  • English Literature – C
  • English Language – C
  • Mathematics – B
  • Science – C
  • ICT – Merit
  • Graphics Design – D
  • PE – D

A level

  • ICT – C
  • Applied Science – Merit
  • Economics – D


In 2015 I completed a foundation year in computing which taught me all the fundamentals such as basic programming in C, Computer Architecture, A level Mathematics as well as project management and how to communicate effectively in a professional environment. I passed the foundation course with an overall average above 70%.

After completing my foundation year, I went into my first year of university on the Games Technology course. I was taught programming in C, C++ and C# as well as 3D modelling programs and game engine. I also had a module on Artificial Intelligence which taught me common search algorithms (Dijkstra path-finding) and how to develop chat bots using AIML. I achieved firsts in all the assignments I was given and thus firsts in all my modules. I am currently in my second year of university, working hard to try and repeat my success in the previous year.


I also have a full drivers licence.

Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I enjoy modding games, participating in game jams, building computers, drawing/painting, horse riding, sailing, swimming, snowboarding and of course playing games.

I used to spend a long amount of time creating mods and getting other creators mods to work together in my games. I often found I would spend more time modifying the game than I did playing it (although I did play a lot). I created the mods on a PC that I built from scratch at an early age, which I have been upgrading ever since.

I participated in the 2016 Global Game Jam where me and my friends developed a card game called Speak of The Devil. I helped with designing the main mechanics of the game and produced all the card art (having to use Microsoft Paint, which was quite a challenge).

I also spent three years volunteering at Blue Acre Stable Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation, learning to ride and care for horses. I would also help at fundraising events.