Speak of the Devil – Game Jam

Speak of the Devil was a card game that we developed during the 2016 Global Game Jam. Our lecturers had encouraged us to attend the Game Jam to watch students from the second and third year, but as we were eager to get involved my friends and I attempted to make a game ourselves.

We knew that our best bet would be to work on a physical game so that we could focus on developing fun game mechanics rather than bug fixing, as at the time we had only just started using Unity. The game we developed was called Speak of the Devil, a game where players built demons out of body parts and pitted them against each other in an attempt to collect trophies.

My role in the development of the game was to help design the mechanics and produce the art for the cards (using a broken tablet and Microsoft paint at the time). I also modded it into Table Top Simulator so that we could demonstrate the game.

A print to play version of the game can be found on the Global Game Jam site here.