The Breakfast Club – Bug Fix Sprint

Engine: Unity 3D

Language: C#

Responsibilities: Bug Fixing/Refactoring

The Breakfast Club is a physics-based multiplayer game developed by Play West, where players try to complete simple breakfast tasks using various objects. At the beginning of my second year of university, Play West approached me asking if I could help them with a five-day bug fixing sprint on this game. The company had been approached by the Yogscast asking if they could stream the game at MCM Comic Con on Twitch, at very short notice. Unfortunately a few days into the sprint we were informed that the Yogscast were no longer attending, so instead, we were tasked with getting the game ready for its release on steam. I worked with my colleague on one of the levels to re-implement the main levels feature as well as fix any issues we came across.

You can see an early alpha version being played by the Yogscast bellow.